Mario’s White Pine

Looking nice and healthy Mario 🙂



3 comments on “Mario’s White Pine

  1. It looks fabulous mate, I am starting to be quite jealous! 😉
    Are you thinning it at all to keep it in this shape? and is it still beading from that one wound after a branch removal?


    • No bleeding these days:-) I have come to the decision that the best way to keep JWP happy in this climate is to do as little thinning out as possible. After yellow needle drop in the Autumn I do a little thinking just to balance the amount of growth throughout the tree.

      I will say that your Lavender is a pain in the arse! It’s touch and go at the moment and I can honestly say that I haven’t a clue what has happened to it. I think that it’s just a short lived plant that is only of use as bonsai over a short term.

      Your Cotoneaster has seen some major changes You did give me a free hand with it and I doubt you will recognize it on your return. Not sharing photos yet, you’ll just have to wait lol


  2. Well done on JWP – it definitely looks better now than when it was with me!

    well, the lavender was always quite difficult and time consuming, I wouldn’t worry about it too much – I have saved it from certain death and it had good life since; let it go if that’s the case 😉 maybe there is anyone who would like to have it in a garden as a shrub, lol

    I look forward to see what did you do to my poor Cotoneaster lol! I actually struggled to come up with any cool idea for it back in time…

    As always mate, thanks for looking after my trees! we all only wait for better times in Europe… 😉


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