Snart on Tour Stop 3

Next stop was Sharon’s sunny garden. I posted from here a few weeks ago but as it was on our way to the North Coast, I asked Sharon if I could call with Peter for a look around. Here are a few snaps on the day. My wife and Sharon’s Husband can be seen chatting in the background about what a waste of  space bonsai display benches are!! 🙂

Snart on Tour Stop 2

Our second stop was Belfast, a few quick messages to be done and just enough time for Peter to get a look at the City Hall, Minus the flag, and the view from the top of Victoria Square.

Snart on Tour Stop 1

After a busy few days, Monday usually sees Peter head home, however this time we added an extra day for him to actually see a little of Northern Ireland.

Stop one was to pop into the Bonsai Bakers family bakery. Looks like a happy place to work and we managed to grab a few cream buns to go with our lunch. Now for Peter Jean, he’s on a strict diet while he’s here!

Even more coffee for Stephen!!

Hard at work

Nicole looking well 🙂

Willowbog Sunday Workshop

After a great day at the Saturday Bonsai School, a few bottles that night and a great Indian meal, the Sunday Workshop loomed large.

As usual Peter starts off with at least one tree from each student getting a run through. A great way to start and a great learning experience.

As all good workshops should be, this one isn’t about getting tree styled start to finish, but about knowledge, learning and what’s best for the tree. Here’s some snaps of the workshop and some of the trees worked on during the day.