A Few New Ones

Bonsai folk are great, always willing to swap a few accent plants. Every time Robert Porch visits us over here, he has a tray of accents for me. I end up scrambling around to try and find something for him that he hasn’t got. Not an easy task!!

Here are a few shots I took before the snow a few days ago. The ever increasing collection.

My new Soldanella Minima, loads of growth this year, and then split it 🙂

Another new Soldanella but with a larger flower by the looks of the dead flower stock. Can’t wait to see what it’s like but will be at least a year away now!

and one about to flower 🙂

Another new one that I was told the name of and now I have forgotten!!! Begins with E I think. Know it? Please comment 🙂

Another unknown from Robert, he didn’t have a clue either. I watch it this year with interest lol

and an old one, Coltsfoot starting to show flower heads, one of my favourite Spring accents. Going to try and force it on in the green house for the Spring Show.

In among the accents on the trays is this newly collected Heather.

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