Tale of Two Apices [Apexes]

This twin trunk raft Hawthorn of mine has been a great tree to play with and learn from in recent years. Its a vigorous tree but by it’s very nature has been a problem for me to come up with a convincing design. As you can see from the photo, the two apexes are very close to the same height and also the raft/root portion of the tree  is unconvincing as it rises out of the pot in places.

I discussed this tree with Peter Warren during a workshop last year and he suggested that the tree be tilted to the right to raise the left apex higher. This would also lower the other trunk line down to the soil surface closing the gap and make a more convincing design. I had already toyed with this idea during the previous repot but at that point it wasn’t possible due to the heavy root to the left. It would be raised out of the pot and would ruin the design. Peter said that this time around I might be able to reduce the root further back allowing for the change. This is the root in question.

This would be the new angle

I don’t have a suitable pot for the new position but I wanted to repot the tree and see if it was possible to carry out this alteration. If I was able to change the root now, I could pot the tree into a temporary training box and then keep an eye out for a suitable pot for a transfer next year.

When I took it out of the pot, it had done it’s usual thing, and had circled the pot with roots.

I removed all the long roots and had a close look at the problem heavy root. By working back step by step I was able to removed sufficient root to allow me to make the new angle. Here you can see how much was removed.

Happy to remove this heavy bit considering the strength of the tree.

This was what was circling the pot!

This is the tree potted in a training box at it’s new angle. See the change in the apex heights and also how much more convincing the surface roots are. I might tilt a little further yet but for now I’m happy until I can find a suitable pot.

I’m sure someone out there now is saying ‘Shell Pot’ 🙂 I’m not a lover of the shell but this might be nice. This is a virtual I made after PW ‘s visit. And this angle would definitely be achievable now.


10 comments on “Tale of Two Apices [Apexes]

  1. Hi bonsai eject

    I would wire the bottom left branch on the left tree over the top of the right tree now that you have a better slant to the piece. Show me what it looks like then. If it is wrong sorry bend it back.
    Spring is here on the west coast and we are in the middle of it. Good luck withit. By the by it is a nice bit of tree.

    All the best
    West coast Brian


    • Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to comment. There will be a few new options to explore now with the new angle, and your suggestion is one. I will allow Spring growth first and see if that gives me a few more options to play with.


  2. Lovely tree! I my personal opinion, I would like the tree in a more wider pot. But this is just my taste! Thank you for shating.


    • Thanks for commenting Melanie. You are probably right about the pot but this one might suit better in the new virtual posted above by Paul. A more compact tree if it goes this way.


  3. Hate to say it, but it looks pretty pimp ass now. Like the contemporary container it is in. Perhaps a post modern commentary on how we in the west love to categorise bonsai and put them into…pigeon holes?


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