Paul’s Virtual

Paul Bowerbank sent this altered virtual of the hawthorn in the previous post having removed the long branch to the right. I must admit I’m very tempted to do it right now 😀 It gets rid of a now very pronounced straight section.  However, I will leave all alterations for a while giving myself time to make a few decisions. I will build most of the structure within this tree by clip and grow, only wiring when I absolutely must. Wired branches on hawthorn stand out a mile when you see their artificial bends during the Winter.

6 comments on “Paul’s Virtual

  1. The new angle is a very good idea, and I like the “shell pot” (we call them “scoop pots.”) But I’m going to be the non-conformist and urge you to keep that lower right branch. Too much of the definition of the trunk line depends on it.


  2. Without the lower longer section of the tree, does the eye not get drawn to the horizontal line that the second trunk draws which is parallel to the horizontal? Take a look at perhaps just cutting the long straight branch back halfway to the thick secondary branch there. Personally i would…tell you in september.


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