Slab Larch Virtual

Following on from my last post about Roy’s Larch group and the comments made, here is a slab virtual that retains the rock element.

and with part of the rock removed for better lines.

The original pot virtual.

and the original

side by side…

4 comments on “Slab Larch Virtual

  1. Definitely the slab with part of the rock removed ( lower left photo in the side by side)! Regards to Roy, despite my jealous envy.

    I like your blog and your having involved other NIBs members in doing likewise. Thanks!


  2. Hi Ian, Roy is reading this too i like what you have done with the trees in the shallow pot i have set aside four young larch trees that came out f the spouting at the same time they would fit in well with the others. I am blowin away with the slab picture deffinitly worth thinking about limestone in this country doesn’t come in slab form because it’s too brittle and breaks up with the frost.
    P.s. i like the way you have lowered the outer trees it certainly brings everything into that ideal triangular shape. Still like the idea of the shallow oval pot but could be persuaded otherwise.
    Thanks Roy C


    • Great to see you here Roy 🙂 Glad you found this of use.

      The slab wouldn’t need to be limestone as it will mostly be hidden from view anyway. Slate or a fibreglass one would work just as well. I must admit I prefer the slab and it allows you to keep, albeit slightly altered, the limestone features.


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