Spring – Maples

Spring – Trident

My other Trident a little bit behind the root over rock but starting to move nicely.

Spring – Root Over Rock Trident

My Trident on Rock seems to be further ahead than most of my other maples. I just love this time of year, the next month will see new fresh growth appearing everywhere.



I Love this time of year

I really do love this time of year. Watching trees waking up and starting to push their new leaves.

Japanese Maple

Trident Maple

Japanese Larch

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, and as it’s Easter Sunday, I’m not taking my usual walk. However, here are a few from last weekend that I haven’t shared as yet.

I was just talking to Stephen on the walk about how you rarely see wild Primrose any more and about 100 yards later we see this 🙂

On Easter Sunday Scrabo Tower is a busy place to walk as many people attend a Sunrise service and in the afternoon many local children, mine included, roll their eggs down the hill.

Stephen snapping away

Gorse/Whinbushes covering the quarry face

Blackthorn in Flower

The next Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke , Fred Daly or Graeme McDowell.

Northern Ireland is the promised land for golf’s best players 🙂

This is Scrabo Golf Club. A tight course!

Some of Strangford Lough’s 365 Islands

Patchwork Quilt, County Down

Wild Flowers

Scrabo is famous for it’s bluebells. These are among the first to appear.

Blackthorn Hedge

Spring is Sprung

Doggie Dust Trails 🙂

Amazing trunk on an old Hazel

Signs of Spring

Plenty of my trees are starting to show signs of Spring.






Cork Bark Elm

Crab Apple [ just noticed the adventurous bud popping at the branch base!]


I would have thought it was still a little early for frog spawn but in the last few days I have heard two different people mention seeing it. My brother spotted some in a pond on Saturday and Hugh from the club photographed this in his pond.

Is Spring really here.



Orgy !

Starting to Move

I checked most of my trees last Sunday and didn’t see many signs of Spring. Then, 4 days later, I checked again. This was what I found on Thursday!

These are fast swelling flower buds on a Fuji Cherry.

These are Trident Maple buds, 3 different trees.

I even saw a cloud of midges outside our lounge window! February? What’s going on!!