Esprit Bonsai – Soldanella

Another great article from my plant swapping buddy Xavier in Esprit Bonsai issue 82. And even better, my Soldanella in a Magic Ceramics pot made an appearance.



A nice article on the Pacific Bonsai Museum too, hoping to visit myself next year at some point.


Esprit Bonsai – My 15 minutes of Fame

I love this magazine and not just because they published a photo of my Escallonia in issue #79  It’s a great addition to what’s available in the current market.

Anyway, did I mention that they published a photo of my tree 🙂 In case you missed it, see below. Not just my tree, but also another tree from here in Northern Ireland, my good friend Stephen’s Raft Japanese Maple. These where both exhibited at Bonsai Europa back in October (was it that long ago!) What I liked about the article was that they highlighted what Europa had that was different that other European Exhibitions, namely more deciduous bonsai. I’ll be honest, that’s probably the only reason my tree was featured in the article when so many other top quality trees were available. However it was a very pleasant surprise to turn the page and see my own tree, a first for me.

Esprit Bonsai #78


Another pleasant surprise this week was Esprit Bonsai Magazine #78 hitting the doormat. My pick of this issue would be the article on exhibiting Shohin, a great read as usual. Esprit Bonsai will be at Bonsai Europa this weekend, so you can buy a copy for yourself and see what you think.


Esprit Bonsai

I must admit, I’m loving the English language version of Esprit Bonsai. I received another batch this week and have really enjoyed the wide range of articles they produce all done with a different slant than their competitors.




Some great articles looking at trees in nature.DSC_0003


Esprit Bonsai -English

Thought I’d try out the new English version of the French magazine Esprit Bonsai. I must admit I’m pleased with the issue, especially as it even covers accents 🙂



Esprit Bonsai!

Got a nice email from my accent swapping buddy Xavier in France the other day letting me know that I was now, in his words, ‘Famous in France!’ He had just received his latest copy of Esprit Bonsai Magazine and they had written a little article about my blog in there. He sent me this copy of it.



My French is a little rusty but he was also kind enough to translate it for me too.

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