Sorbus Reducta

I’ve had this little fellow for about 18 years.


Mini Salix

I decided to repot my little dwarf Willow. The training pot it was in was too big and also has a chip in it.

Out of the pot

and it’s new home. That’s better.

Mame Dwarf Willow

I lifted this little willow out of the grit tray for trimming. I think a better pot next year might be in order 🙂

Before a light trim.

and after with the other side selected as a better front.

Mame Root Over Rock Cotoneaster

After a Summer trim.

Mame Ivy Defoliation

I defoliated my little Ivy and did a minor adjustment to the lower branch.

Reach For The Sky

Two of my little ones with the sky as a backdrop.

My little Rowan

and a little root over rock Cotoneaster

My Bonsai – Mame Collection

Today’s addition to the My Bonsai Tab is a few of my smallest trees. This includes Juniper, Rowan, Cotoneaster and Ivy. Some I’ve had for many years and some are new. I do have others in training but are not much to look at for now. I’ll add them as they progress.

HERE is the page link, or just click on the image below to view.

I have recently added a few of my better mame trees to a tufa rock planting. As it comes together, I hope to do a Case Study page about it.

A few of the little people

Not Leprechauns, a few Mame I having knocking around. The first one is my son’s little Cotoneaster.

Next up is a root over rock Cotoneaster recently repotted into a shallower and longer pot.

A garden centre juniper. It’s been a bit weak over the last 12 months so I’ve repotted it into a slightly larger pot to get some vigour back and it’s worked already.

This is a Chinese Elm yet to be styled. Bought for a fiver in a reject pile, I cut the top 10 inches off and am going to work with the new growth at the bottom.

This is a little Sorbus Reducta that I’ve had for about 15 years. Repotted last month, it’s pushing on now.