Esprit Bonsai!

Got a nice email from my accent swapping buddy Xavier in France the other day letting me know that I was now, in his words, ‘Famous in France!’ He had just received his latest copy of Esprit Bonsai Magazine and they had written a little article about my blog in there. He sent me this copy of it.



My French is a little rusty but he was also kind enough to translate it for me too.

Ian Young is Irish and  a member of the NIBS. In just two and a half years, his blog, established in early 2011, has been enriched with hundreds of photos, as well as the history of the trees tfrom his visits to amateur bonsai enthusiasts. These photos show the diversity of choice of species and culture in the British Isles, but also in the United States. Some reports detailing exciting yamadori outputs. Ian Young shows a certain attraction for shohin, or at least reasonably sized trees, which he begins to have a nice collection. Pictures of exhibits, especially in Japan and gathered on friend’s blogs, complete this site. This blog is the official website of the NIBS too.

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