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The Winners

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Shohin UK Exhibition 2013

Thought I’d share this here for all those UK based enthusiasts. In fact, that’s rather restrictive, feel free to attend from wherever you are!

I have cut and pasted the below info from the Facebook page recently set up. I have clicked the ‘Maybe’ button for attendance but I’ll have to wait until closer to the time before I know if I can attend. Seeing who is doing the organising, I can assure you that this will be a quality event.

On behalf of the organising team, I am pleased to announce that an exciting national UK Shohin Bonsai show dedicated to smaller bonsai, will be held on Sunday, March 24th 2013. This exciting national event is being organised by Mark & Ritta Cooper and Bob Bailey, with the support of the Bristol Bonsai Society, the British Shohin Association, and the Federation of British Bonsai Societies.
This will be the only UK national exhibition dedicated to Shohin bonsai in 2013 and will be a “must visit event” for all Shohin Bonsai enthusiasts.

The venue is the recently refurbished Failand Village Hall, near Bristol, UK, which is located just a few miles from Junction 19 on the M5. The postcode is BS8 3TS. The nearby historic and culturally vibrant town of Bristol has a wealth of tourist attractions for those who may wish to make an extended vacation. Bristol airport is only 15minutes away from the venue.
This national show is open to everyone and is specifically for Mame, Shohin and Chuhin size bonsai only. It is our ambition to set high standards, both for exhibits and for the standard of display. We would be very happy to welcome visitors and exhibitors from continental Europe.
NB as a helpful guide for exhibitors:-
•Mame size guide is approximately 10cm from soil surface 
•Shohin size guide is approximately 20cm from soil surface
•Chuhin size guide is approximately 45cm maximum from soil surface
Facilities will be provided to display trees to a high standard. Exhibit tables will be covered in high quality black cloth. Background screens for exhibits will be provided, with the cloth being off white in colour with the facility to be able to use pin fixings to hang scrolls if required. Lighting at the venue is very good. 
There will be a selection process for exhibits, so please do request details for an application to exhibit as soon as possible. The closing date for applications to exhibit is the 1st January 2013. There will be many awards and trophies presented and details of awards will be announced nearer the time.
Many Bonsai traders offering quality goods relevant to the theme of the event will be in attendance and further details will follow soon. Light refreshments will also be available.
Further information will be made available as plans for the event develop.
To request further details, or to express an interest in this event as a potential exhibitor, please contact Mark Cooper at

Bonsai eejit on Tour BSA 2012 Part 3

The final one from the trip.

Bonsai eejit on Tour BSA 2012 Part 2

The second instalment. If you don’t like the music, tough 🙂 I think they’re a class act 🙂


Bonsai eejit on Tour BSA 2012 Part 1

Part 1 of 3. Would have added these earlier but YouTube uploading is being an arse!!

Bespoke Bonsai Stands

John Brocklehurst, as well as exhibiting at the weekend, also had a trade stand. His beautiful ji ita boards could be seen all over the exhibit stands. One was kindly loaned to me for my accent.

This was his display.

John also made a great double act with Mr Warren during the auction. Here’s Trev and Trev in action 🙂

Who dropped one??!! 🙂

Visit John’s Blog by clicking the image below.

Stone Monkey Ceramics

Another trader at the weekend was Andy Pearson aka Stone Monkey Ceramics. Andy’s pots looked great. I was jumping between all the potters trying to find a pot for a Cotoneaster that I have and I was unable to get the right size and shape. [same old story] I have loads of Walsall pots and even a few Ian Baillie ones too. I decided that I wanted a Stone Money pot and the one I liked and needed the most was in the auction! I managed to get it 🙂

Don’t take my word for it, go and see how good the pots are for yourself, just click the image below.



Plenty of things impressed me at the weekend and not just the Exhibition itself. I was also delighted to have the opportunity to buy from a few of the trade stands.

My first purchases, albeit small ones, were from Suteki, Simon Haddon, Bonsai monkey. He’s even more names than me 😀  He had a small but packed display and I took up one of his great offers for multi purchases. When I eventually get them planted up, I’ll share the results here.

In the mean time, here’s his stand.

This is Simon’s tree, a Lonicera that won a Certificate of Merit.

Click on the image below to go to Simon Pots and Accent Plants.

and this one to visit Simon’s Blog

BSA 2012 Awards

Here are a few of the award winners at the weekend along with some fantastic Certificate of Merit Winners as well.

My own Maple to start. Best Deciduous Chuhin.

My favourite tree in the show, John Armitage’s Juniper winner of best Shohin Conifer.

Dave Hanna’s Common Juniper, Best Conifer Chuhin.

Mark and Ritta Cooper’s Zelkova, Best  Deciduous Shohin. Perfect little tree.

best Shohin Composition, the Coopers again.

The Best Tree/Pot combo, Again, the Coopers.

Best Mame Composition amazing display by Bob Bailey who managed to make the journey home far faster due to a lighter car 🙂 Thanks again Bob for bringing the slab up for me. Hope the wine was to your liking.

Best Mame Bonsai, Bob’s Black Pine.

Fiona Wallace’s Shohin Composition Merit Award

Les Story’s Blackthorn winning a merit award for Deciduous Chuhin.

Ashfield Bonsai Club, best Collaborative Composition

Sue Summers Juniper Merit award for Shohin Conifer

Bill Gordon’s Chinese Elm Merit Award Deciduous Chuhin.

Caroline Steward, merit award for this Juniper in the Chuhin Conifer class.

Bill Gordon, Mame Bonsai merit Award for this little Lonicera

It was part of this Collaboration composition from the lads from Wirral Bonsai Society.

Simon Hadden’s wonderful Lonicera winning a merit award in the European origin class.

Surrey heath Bonsai Society merit award winners for their Mame Composition.

Merit Award winning Acer from Simon and Gill Richardson in the Deciduous Shohin class.

Mike Rayson’s Merit Award for this Yew in the Chuhin Conifer Class.

Another European Origin Merit Award  for the Privet in the Wirral Bonsai Society Display.

Ray Columbe’s Juniper winning the nearly there class and the lovely pot awarded by Walsall Ceramics.

Apologies for those that are missing, trying to remember them all is a task in itself!