BSA 2012 Awards

Here are a few of the award winners at the weekend along with some fantastic Certificate of Merit Winners as well.

My own Maple to start. Best Deciduous Chuhin.

My favourite tree in the show, John Armitage’s Juniper winner of best Shohin Conifer.

Dave Hanna’s Common Juniper, Best Conifer Chuhin.

Mark and Ritta Cooper’s Zelkova, Best  Deciduous Shohin. Perfect little tree.

best Shohin Composition, the Coopers again.

The Best Tree/Pot combo, Again, the Coopers.

Best Mame Composition amazing display by Bob Bailey who managed to make the journey home far faster due to a lighter car 🙂 Thanks again Bob for bringing the slab up for me. Hope the wine was to your liking.

Best Mame Bonsai, Bob’s Black Pine.

Fiona Wallace’s Shohin Composition Merit Award

Les Story’s Blackthorn winning a merit award for Deciduous Chuhin.

Ashfield Bonsai Club, best Collaborative Composition

Sue Summers Juniper Merit award for Shohin Conifer

Bill Gordon’s Chinese Elm Merit Award Deciduous Chuhin.

Caroline Steward, merit award for this Juniper in the Chuhin Conifer class.

Bill Gordon, Mame Bonsai merit Award for this little Lonicera

It was part of this Collaboration composition from the lads from Wirral Bonsai Society.

Simon Hadden’s wonderful Lonicera winning a merit award in the European origin class.

Surrey heath Bonsai Society merit award winners for their Mame Composition.

Merit Award winning Acer from Simon and Gill Richardson in the Deciduous Shohin class.

Mike Rayson’s Merit Award for this Yew in the Chuhin Conifer Class.

Another European Origin Merit Award  for the Privet in the Wirral Bonsai Society Display.

Ray Columbe’s Juniper winning the nearly there class and the lovely pot awarded by Walsall Ceramics.

Apologies for those that are missing, trying to remember them all is a task in itself!

Thanks …

… to all of you here and on Facebook, email etc for your kinds words about my Award at the BSA Exhibition.

I’m still here at Willowbog chilling after a great weekend. You only have to read the feedback on the forums to see just how good the standard of trees was. I personally found the best bit was getting to meet so many of you who I have only really known through the internet. It was also good to catch up with some old friends too.

I have hundreds of photos to share and some video as well. It’ll take me a day or two to get sorted and get these posted when I get home. I’m off collecting on Tuesday which will slow things down as well.

Here’s a few to whet your appetite. Can’t post too many or Peter’s internet connection will be cut off for the rest of the month 🙂

Shocked, Stunned, Delighted!

Great day at Willowbog yesterday. The BSA Exhibition was in full flow and I was able to catch up with some folk I’ve only ever met online. Hoping to spend a little more time with them and some others today.

Got the shock of my life last night when my Japanese Maple won the Best Deciduous Chuhin in Show!! Even managed to drop the trophy on the table.

The overall winner was Ritta and Mark Cooper’s stunning Shohin display. To be honest anyone of their display could have won it.

A few more photos, not too many as I’m using up most of Peter’s Upload limit as it is 🙂