Travels Down Under

I’ll be on my travels again in November, this time heading to Perth in Australia. I’m staying with family and will be travelling south of Perth on a camping trip. I’d be keen to meet up with some bonsai enthusiasts while I’m there. I also want to visit some big/old trees on my travels. Anyone following this blog who lives or knows the area, can you help with a few pointers? Private collections, clubs, it doesn’t matter, I just want to see bonsai and trees Aussie style.

3 comments on “Travels Down Under

  1. Hi bonsai eejit

    I’m a member of the WA bonsai society so I am sure we can sort something out 👍🌳

    I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to hopefully catching up while your in Perth



  2. Hi, I am living in Perth n doing bonsai. Will b happy to meet u n show u some of my Aussie natives. Just email me on details n I will give u my contact no. Cheers. CJ


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