Another Shore Pine

This was the latest on the tidy up list. It wasn’t quite ready for any wiring. Needed the strong areas thinned out and generally balanced out to aid health f lower branches. Ready for work after 2021 flush. The high root at the base was cut through half way to allow a staged removal. As with most of the Shore Pine I mange to collect, the bark is rather special.

Other side
Thinned out

Hawthorn Adjustments

This hawthorn has been knocking around my garden for probably 15 years and can be seen here as part of a case study on air layering.

It had a major repot in 2019 and sulked in a big way all that year. 2020 has been a shitty year for most of us but this hawthorn made a come back. I decided that although I like my hawthorn to have a natural angular appearance and to not over wired, this tree needed adjustments. The branches had sprung a bit and a slight angle change at the repot meant things weren’t quite in place.

After adjustments
Brake detail
But of a spin
Slightly different angle which a like.
Moody Noir

Even after all this time the tree has plenty of ramification still to be added. And some branch fattening here and there. If I knew back then what I know now this tree would be further on and branches in better proportion. Bonsai is a journey that’s for sure.

New Polytunnel

My last little tunnel was 10’x8’ and along side my little greenhouse, they done a job for me for close to 25 years. The greenhouse was taken down in 2019 and the small tunnel alone just wasn’t going to cut mustard over winter. So, down it came and up went the new tunnel 14’ x 15’.

Old tunnel
Down it comes.
Mss as jot cut back on the boundary hedge to make room for a decent fence.
Secure again.
The new space ready for building.
Double width door for big trees.
Space 😀👍🏻
Heat bed for yamadori going in. Foil bottom down first.
Heat mat in
Topped off with a fine bark mulch for humidity.
All done just in time as Autumn was moving in fast.
Some simple benching put in that can be moved and removed as needed during collecting season.
Winter protection in action both for cold but more from excess rain.

So far with storms seeming to hit every other day it has stood strong. It’ll be doing well to last as long as the last one. I’ve a misting system for the yamadori still to go in and a watering system as well.

Seedling Scots Pines

A friend has some Scots Pine that he started from seed over 30 years ago and have never been out of a pot of some sort in that time. They’ve have good years and bad during that period and this month I’ve been sorting them out and doing a little wiring for him.

Before tidy up
Second Pine before
3rd Pine before
And after

I love the fact that these trees have been grown from seed by the owner and have stayed with him all these years. I have two more to complete work on which I’m looking forward to.

Here is a Mugo Pine that he also collected from his own garden last year getting a first styling.

Before wiring sadly no pic before branch selection.
After styling