Off to Greenmount Tomorrow

Spending the next two days at a club event up at Greenmount Horticultural College in Antrim. A small exhibition of trees for the public along with rolling demos and talks. If the weather holds it should be a good day out. The Walled Garden which hosts us on campus id stunning. Took a few snap the other day when I was up measuring space in the new building that we’ll be using.


What a great spot this will be.DSC_0563







Chinese Elm Airlayer

This Chinese Elm came into my care last year. It had been doing well for a few years and then it had a major bad episode and lost all the bottom branches. All that was left was a nice base, a long straight bit then a few branches at the top. I repotted it out of the original poor soil. After a few months it had leafed out again but was never going to make a convincing tree without lower branches. I spoke to the owner and suggested air layering the top off it and then creating a better tree from the base. Fair play to him, he agreed. I left the layering until March this year and a few weeks back I checked the progress.


Signs of decent roots in the layer.



After removal


Potted upDSC_0447 The base had produced some new branches low down due to the layering process, I gave these a very basic wiring to get them going in the right direction. Two trees from one.


Steve’s Bonsai Garden

Just a shameless plug for my friends Facebook Page. Please pop over and give his page a wee like.

Steve’s Bonsai Garden

ScreenHunter_114 Jul. 26 16.47

Juniper pinching, pruning, and wiring

Nebari Bonsai

A good reminder…

Do this:


Not this:


And when it’s time to thin out a juniper for wiring:



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Belfast Rose Week – The Winning Bonsai Exhibits

Scratch Bonsai

DSC_0366 Evergreen – semi cascade ivy with seedling accent

DSC_0364 Forest and Landscape – Japanese Larch on slab

DSC_0363 Mame – Rowan (sorbus)

DSC_0362 - Copy Coniferous – Japanese Larch

DSC_0359 Novice – Zelkova

DSC_0361 Indoor – Cork Bark Chinese Elm

DSC_0360 Flowering, Fruiting and Berried – Spirea

DSC_0365 Deciduous and Best Overall Bonsai Exhibit – Root over Rock Trident Maple

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Accents for the week

A few accents looking good this week.









Effect of hormone treatments on P. thunbergii cuttings for the production of surface roots on trees cultivated for bonsai


Bonsai Europa Ticket Prices

Gone Fishing

Not me personally, standing in cold water for hours not catching anything does not appeal! However my Father in Law sees it differently. A few photos of Salmon fishing in Ireland in Ballina and Bangor Erris, County Mayo. Ridge Pool on the Moy river in Ballina is famous for it’s Salmon fishing and the visit coincided with the Ballina Salmon Festival too. A few photos of the street market on heritage day.