Chinese Elm Airlayer

This Chinese Elm came into my care last year. It had been doing well for a few years and then it had a major bad episode and lost all the bottom branches. All that was left was a nice base, a long straight bit then a few branches at the top. I repotted it out of the original poor soil. After a few months it had leafed out again but was never going to make a convincing tree without lower branches. I spoke to the owner and suggested air layering the top off it and then creating a better tree from the base. Fair play to him, he agreed. I left the layering until March this year and a few weeks back I checked the progress.


Signs of decent roots in the layer.



After removal


Potted upDSC_0447 The base had produced some new branches low down due to the layering process, I gave these a very basic wiring to get them going in the right direction. Two trees from one.



Corkbark Elm Colour


This little Corkbark elm has come a long way in 2 years after I layered the top off. This was it earlier in the week. It was in a green house and had therefore held it’s leaves. I took a snap before I hoed off the dad leaves.



Sick Note

I have two more trees to pop into my poly tunnel. A mate brought these on Friday night and I offered to look after them for a while.

The Chinese Elm had nearly died during the Spring due to Frost damage. I had revived it and given it back a lush green colour. It went from poly tunnel to his back garden were a few months seems to have turned it red! No new growth is visible and the red is probably down to a change in environment. We decided that a return to the tunnel for the Winter was the best course of action.

The original post about this tree can be viewed here. ELM RECOVERY

He also brought 2 Japanese Maples. One was in a bad way and had lost several main branches. I was unsure of the cause. I guessed at a drying out but was worried about it being a viral thing so I advised him to pop it into a bigger pot of pure grit and take it home.

The other maple was a little deshojo that again appeared to have been dried out or had a total loss of leaves due to wind burn. It was now pushing out a new flush off tiny leaves behind the dried out branches. I offered to pop it into the tunnel for protection from the elements and to keep an eye on how it progressed in the next month or two.