Some Maciej Pots

or should I say Magic 🙂

Bonsai friendship at it’s best yet again. Maciej from the Leinster Club was up with us for the Bonsai School last weekend and give me a lovely gift of accent pots that he has started making. Here are a few of his pots.Watch this space for more information soon.

More Layers

I did this layer back in April and removed it a few weeks back. All looks good and I look forward to developing this little one next year.




And this little trident was successful at the second attempt.




And both potted up with a little moss top dressing to ensure surface roots remain moist.

DSC_0279And a word to the wise, when you saw through the trunk, ensure your other hand is well clear!! This is how I ended up. Flap of skin hanging off and exposing the knuckle bone 😦 10 days later and it got infected and I ended up at Minor Injuries Unit for treatment. Will I ever learn?