Windswept Bonsai

Not the style! The effects suffered after a night of Gale force winds here in Northern Ireland with gusts up to 70 mph.

This was the first ‘blow’ after a very settled Summer and early Autumn then over night we had 5 times the rain than we received in all of September!

On checking my trees this morning I saw a few toppled over among the raw material but they where all on the ground and didn’t have far to fall. I then looked around the corner into the sheltered part of the garden just to make sure all was ok and I was greeted by my beech hanging onto the bench by the pot feet!! It had still to drop leaf but was now half bare. Strangely all the leaves on the back of the tree were gone??



This I could believe but how the hell this little accent in a Stone Monkey pot managed to flip over, I am stumped!!  Tornado? 🙂


Dublin Bonsai

Leinster Bonsai Club had their first workshop on Saturday with myself and Phil trying to keep them in line. A great bunch of guys. Two of the Munster Club members came up for the day as well even though we had a workshop with them three weeks ago! We must be doing something right 🙂

We are a tough lot, an open air workshop in October in Ireland, great when the sun was out but Baltic when it dropped behind the house.

A big thank you for John for hosting the day and to Owen for organising it. Owe was gutted when he had to miss the session due to something called work on some remote Scottish Island!! Unlucky mate but we survived without out you. [Stop it Ian that’s cruel, he feels bad enough as it is 🙂 ]