Kusamono -Rose, Epimedium, Astilibe.

I wan’t to get this new pot planted up and I opted to do a little combo kusamono using a white flowering rose, Epimedium akebono and a dwarf Astilbe. It will take a while to mature but I think it should make a good mix.

This is the pot, made by Alberto Vignori from Milan I believe, I just loved the quality of the finish and the colour.




And this is what I put together. I was aiming for the three levels within the planting, ‘Heaven, man and earth’ as tends to be the aim with these. The rose is the tallest element and is light enought to look the part. I then picked the Epimedium akebono for the middle level, again it’s got a small leaf and I love the form of the plant. Last is a little Astilbe that can hardly been seen at the moment but it will grow. It gives me the lowest element. I topped off the pot with some moss just to give it a more finished look and to keep the soil from washing away until the plants bind together. I look forward to seeing this one when the rose is in flower. I feel that all elements flowering at once would be too much but I think that each should flower at a different time allowing this to be used multiple times in the year.


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