japan Satsuki Bonsai Tour– Part 6

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43rd Kanuma Satsuki Festival

The main reason our tour traveled to Japan is to see Satsuki azalea bonsai. The 43rd Kanuma Satsuki Festival is probably the largest in Japan. It is held on the grounds of the Kanuma City Kaboku Center. The two acre complex includes: a permanent exhibition and sales area over a half acre alone, one and a half acre area auction area, and greenhouses. Additionally the complex has a garden tree sales field of seven acres, additional greenhouses, restaurant and a 66 acre wild bird forest, plus more. This is a truly unique center for Satsuki azalea bonsai production, exhibitions and sales. It’s the finest, largest and most complete garden center I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, I only wish shopping for plants was permitted for foreigners.








ImageThe temperature was 93F, which I’ve been told is not normal for this time of…

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