Final Episode: Kokufu, Matt Reel, Snow

Michael Hagedorn

True, this is not as exciting as Star Wars, but still, our Final Episode is the photographic finale of our trip to Japan this February! Yay! Cymbals crashing, drums going nuts, frogs leaping off bridges, etc.

IMG_2337 Going back in time a bit to our first day…we all became kids over dinner. Here’s Grant and Peter in bibs, waiting for their ‘bacon’ to be finished, as they called the strips of pork on the grill. In a Korean restaurant in Tokyo.

IMG_2344 Again tripping back in time, this is Howard perusing a greenhouse full of ume in Saitama.

IMG_2565 Now we’re back at Suzuki’s. This was my last tree, a juniper that had been planted at a new angle so the branches needed quite a bit of adjusting.

IMG_2468 Another tree I worked on. I forgot about this one, but there’s a dreadful finished shot of it later.

IMG_2488 Matt Reel working on a tree…

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BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 4 -The Event

The Event sound like a rather grand title but it was an event in every meaning of the word. Over the Weekend I tried to capture  in photos the story of the show from set up to take down. Admittedly it’s  my own personal view but I think it captures the social occasion that it was.  This is what I got.


BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 3 – Accents

I think I got most of them.