Stepping across the finish line

Thinking about packing my bag 🙂 Sorry Peter I can’t carry wine on the plane 😦

New pot for the shinpaku

Sequoia Sempervirens Repot

I field grew this Sequoia  for a number of years and last year I did a little basic styling to get the main branches placed. Here’s a previous post. I don’t know a lot bout the species but I’m fond of having novelty trees 🙂 I did a little looking about online and it soon became clear that they can make a rather nice bonsai. They appear to readily ramify. I decided that it was worth investing a little more time in this tree this year. It’s been in this pot for 3-4 years and it feels tight as a drum  so the first step will a repot to establish exactly what I have here.


This is what I found in the pot. It’s been a strong grower. It was planted in a mix of moler and grit 50/50.


You will notice however that the top few inches appear empty and even a little at the bottom. I therefore had to investigate where exactly the nebari of this tree is. The base is swollen considerably, which is common with the species. It also sends out feckin hundreds of suckers!!


There was some serious growth in the middle though.



After removing the top 2 inches I eventually found a more suitable base level even though I had to remove a few heavy roots. This is it placed in a mica training pot. It will be given able time to recover and then some foliage refinement will be carried out. I also plan some carving at the base reaching up to mid tree. All a bit scrappy at the moment but this years new growth will make a massive difference.