Matt, Tyler, and Bobby in Japan-

Michael Hagedorn

Part II of our trip to Japan earlier this month…

IMG_2545 Tyler Sherrod, in one of those lucky shots of light and opportunity that make it one of my favorite photos of the trip. This was a spectacularly odd red pine he was working on, reminding me of the odd bends and flattened reaction wood that some of our native lodgepole can get involved in. In any event, Tyler did well with it.

IMG_2566 Looking a lot like a post from two years ago, here’s the weird side-opening truck that Suzuki uses to transport the Kokufu trees, which thankfully arrived on one of the non-snowy days.

IMG_2573 Matt Reel, in one of his famous ‘make a face’ photos. I’ve rarely got a shot of him not hamming it up. Here he is with one of the platforms used to transport the Kokufu trees back to Nagano, in the greenhouse that is protected from…

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