Autumn “bone-sigh” exhibit makes local news.

Nice bone sigh interest piece on US news channel. Well done that man 🙂

Capital Bonsai

The kind folks at the local Fox news affiliate here in DC stopped by and did a little report on the Fall Bonsai Exhibit. I tried to embed the video in this post but was unable to figure out how. You’ll have to click here to watch it. Hope you enjoy it.


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Accent Package

This package hit the doorstep this week, a selection of accents courtesy of Robert Porch. It’s great to have friends who freely swap plants, my collections has swelled greatly in the few years that I have been really into accents and kusamono. Anyone else interested 😉


What impressed me was the clever way it was packaged, a cut down milk container taped closed at the top. Plants wrapped in paper and protected by the structure of the container. Cheap to post too.



Larch Autumn Colour