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Happy Halloween

For all those dressing up tonight, don’t drink too much and have a good time. The best  looking Halloween bonsai image I could come up with was my wee avatar 🙂

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Support Baby Face Bjorn

Support Bjorn and the team in a great cause. Team Kouka-en

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Click image for owners blog post. I seem to be sharing these more and more!!

Bun Jin day

Scrivi qui i tuoi pensieri… (opzionale)

Kitora no do


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Another Alder

Not just as stunning as the last one I shared in a reblog from El Tim but a nice progression all the same. This one’s for you Stephen.

This is now in the caring hands of the Bonsai Baker but the previous owner has sent me photos of it from a few years back when it started out. He actually grew this from seed!

I’m not sure what dates these where taken but the last two are from the workshop at the weekend.

Alder (4)

Alder (5)


Alder (4)

Alder (7)

bp1 003

Alder before

Alder before



Eda Uchi Kai Bonsai Ten 2013

One for your diary if you are local enough. I wish I was!

The Weekend in Photos

Well, another busy workshop weekend done and dusted.

Peter braved the Irish sea yet again to bring his own special brand of bonsai education to our shores. I personally found both days very enjoyable. A massive thank you to my long suffering bonsai wife Allison who puts up with this malarkey 3 times a year. Not easy having bonsai folk two days solid at our home, they are a likable bunch, mostly 😉 but I always look forward to Monday night and putting my feet up.

A big thank you to Peter Snart who has now completed year 3 of the school with us. I’m pretty sure that most members of the club don’t quite realise the effort that’s involved in making the weekend work. Thank you Peter.

Here are some of snaps of out twos days.

Amazing Alder

I just had to share this photo progression shown over on El Tim’s blog, Just goes to show what can be achieved with proper technique and time.

Click on the image below to see the full story of this tree. Google translate a must of English speakers.

Willowbog Bonsai Sunday Workshop Underway


As usual we start with a talk through each of the main trees from the participants.