Phil The Fingers Stag Night

If you follow this blog you’ll know that one of my closest friends, in bonsai or otherwise, is Phil, known for doing his best to get a two fingers salute into every photo I try and take.

Well, Phil has found someone that is willing to marry him, and I’ll be honest, he’s punching well above his weight 😉

Last night saw a few of us head out for an amazing meal at Macau on the Ormeau Road in Belfast and then on to a local bar for a few drinks. Some of us missed the real stag night and we decided to do a night out in Belfast instead.

Not many photos taken, but this one taken by ‘Eeyore’ also known as Mark, Phil’s brother and best man, pretty much sums up the night.

From left to right, Stephen the Bonsai Baker, me, tucked away at the back as I didn’t even bother to wear a proper shirt, Phil who you will notice is actually a lot smaller than Stephen, and lastly Sam, who yes Mark, is my brother 😉




Highlights of the night, good company, good food, Hugh’s Japanese toilet story, Phil kissing the bouncer and getting a kiss back, the Froch v Kessler fight, me not wearing a stripey shirt, and the best one, Eeyore not knowing that Sam was my brother. I can vaguely remember something about white shoes too!

Phil lining up the jagerbombs


The lone stag, a quiet moment of contemplation? Aye right  ❗ Strange to see his back without the Stonebridge Landscapes logo.


12 comments on “Phil The Fingers Stag Night

  1. A great nite out . And thanks agin to Allison for the lift home . We Can’t wait to see you in the white shoes and the ……………… Colour suit !!!!;)


  2. I have just read the account of Phil The Fingers Stag Night and I have to agree with all of the highlights of what was a great nights craic. As you seamed a bit vague about your foot wear as part of the wedding party you will be required to wear White shoes. As the Best Man I need to stand side by side with you the goomsman to keep the day on track with our long list of dutys and while I will be known as Eeyore / Donkey from now on we need to confirm your other name “Shrek” as was given to you last night of which you had seemed to omit from your blog. I hope you find the white shoes without to much hassle and I am looking forward to having another few diet cokes at the wedding in never never land in the kingdom of far far away with you and Sam YOUR BROTHER and Stephen The Cake Boss. Roll on the 7th June


    • I’m green and I’m proud 🙂 I married a princess, you married a dragon 😀 White clashes with green 😛

      You will note that I left you out of the photos, didn’t want to make an ‘ass’ of you again! Get it? Ass …..

      See you on the 7th, someone has to keep you right. You might have forgotten who your own family are by then! 🙂


  3. Congratulations to Phil & his good lady; as my father-in-law would say ‘may their blooms blossom and their blossoms bloom’!


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