Field Grown #1 Cydonia oblonga?

A few of my field grown trees. Early days but they are starting to shape up. If I had it all to do again I would make a better job of the field grown material. Like most things in this hobby, once you have it sussed, it’s already too late 😀

First up an unknown  species of tree, I have been calling it a Celtis for years but after a little help over on Wee Trees Bonsai Forum recently Alain K produced leaves from a tree in his garden that were identicial. It was a pear tree that had been grafted onto Cydonia oblonga, the common Quince .  I have two of them and have had them both for sale for yonks, but no one wants a tree when they don’t know what it is! I am therefore going to make the best of this one and keep it for myself. (other one still for sale if anyone’s interested :201thumbup: )

I has grown really strongly this year in the poly tunnel and I lifted it out to do some pruning.

As I started trimming I quickly noticed a lot of Caterpillars on the inner leaves where they couldn’t be seen. I have never done a full defoliation on this tree but decided to go ahead and do one now. A safe way of removing the pests and also allowing me to adjust the branch structure and do a little wiring. This is it after defoliation.

and after a little wiring. Aiming for a natural looking image.

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