BCI in China

Just had to add links to this! Photos from the BCI in Yangzhao, China.

I don’t think there is a single tree here that doesn’t make you think out of the box! Some I really really love and a few that are a bit out there but really made me stop and look.

Pots and mudmen not always to my taste but even some of these work for me! Don’t take my work for it, check out these links in IBC Forum and French Forum.

Just look!!

Nuts, but I love it 🙂

Touching Base


I had the opportunity to touch base with Bertie B, another NIBS member, earlier this week. We enjoyed a good chat over a couple of cups of coffee, solved a few of the world’s problems and had a look at his trees. I really enjoyed the time together and took a few pics while I was there.

Just like the rest of us Bertie’s trees have had a slow start this year because of the late cold spring but they are really starting to develop over this past week or so.  Some of his shohin trees are just delightful

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Cavan’s Place

I got a call from an old club member last week asking for some advice. I popped over to Cavan’s place to see what was occurring 🙂

Cavan, when I first visited his garden about 12 years ago had a massive collection of bonsai. He was totally self taught and had been doing bonsai for over 25 years. Since then he has been reducing his collection. They where mostly big trees and like many of us, his back just couldn’t take all the lifting. He still had about 30 – 40 trees left, about a quarter of what he used to have!

This is Cavan showing me a few of his trees.

His main bench area now pretty empty after selling over the last few years.

Still many trees in his growing beds, Elms and Zelkova mostly with a few beech and hornbeam thrown in.

A rare Junper in his collection, mostly deciduous bonsai here.

I have never known anyone to have so many rock plantings especially root over rock! This is a hemlock on a rock

JH Elms on rock, he has a few of these.

Zelkova just out of the ground.

A nice Larch for sale.

His favourite Larch and one of the trees that he’s keeping.

Trident on rock

Trident and rock

Unusual Elm for Mr Warren 🙂

Deshojo Maple

Another Elm on Rock

Root over rock Maple

A greenhouse full.

A monster root over rock Elm!

Larch for sale.

Had a great time looking around. He wanted me to help price a few trees for sale. I even took a few away with me that I thought some club members might be interested in. More on those later perhaps.