Ryan Neil – The Willowbog Demo

A few folk have already posted about the demo here.  As I have a bucket load of photos taken during the day I’ll share them here as well.

The day started with us all mucking in to clear a few inches of snow that had fallen overnight. Thankfully those who came all managed to make it there. Getting out was another another story!!

Ryan preformed surgery on a large Taxus Cuspidata imported from Japan, story here. Assisted by Peter Warren he split the live vein from the deadwood to allow him to bring the cascading foliage up and closer to the most attractive part of the tree.

Ryan can certainly keep the audience’s attention with all those present enjoying the day.

8 comments on “Ryan Neil – The Willowbog Demo

    • No, not prewired. Ryan and Peter Warren managed to wire it all and still keep up a running commentary for the whole time. Never seen someone keep a crowd so engrossed for so long whilst doing a bonsai demo. Not to be missed if he’s ever in town.


    • Hi Ray, Yes, that’s the plan. Both Phil and I video’d it. It’s as well he did too as the first hour or so was missed by me due to my deleting of the wrong files!! It might take a week or two as I’m waiting for a new computer.


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