Boat Booked!

That’s the boat booked for our trip over to Willowbog Bonsai on 25th January for the Ryan Neil Demo and Workshop.

Looking forward to getting over there and seeing some old friends and a few new ones to boot. Funny this internet carry on. I chat with folk every day who I’ve never met. It’s always interesting to actually meet them in the flesh and see if they match up with who you thought they were 🙂

I have my driver lined up, Phil is taking his van over as both our workshop trees are rather on the large side, however they might not be on the way back. If you follow this blog, you all know Phil ‘The Fingers’ Donnelly.

Joining us as a passenger on his first trip to Willowbog is Ben. I’m not sure he’s wise getting into a van for a long drive with Phil as these two constantly banter when together. I think I’ll have to sit in the middle 🙂

Ben will be gutted when he realizes that the chance of getting a mobile phone reception at Willowbog is practically zero! I think his expression will be similar to this 🙂

Or this 🙂

The children playing together 🙂

Enough about that pair, what I’m looking forward to is a good walk around Peter’s benches to get another look at some great bonsai.Here’s a gallery showing my last visit.