Michael Hagedorn

What is a yamadori bonsai? What is a pot-grown bonsai? Here are a few simple definitions:

  • Yamadori: Bonsai made from an older collected tree
  • Pot-Grown: Grown as a bonsai its whole life

A yamadori was crafted over a very long time by the elements, by it’s location in nature. These birth marks are what make them so extraordinarily special when we make bonsai from them. A pot-grown tree, on the other hand, has been crafted by hand from its beginning. Old pot grown trees tend to have clear evidence of styling choices that date way back to its beginnings as a young plant, partly obscured by time in a pot.

Why are these distinctions important? Other than being able to tell one from the other, why should we care? It is just a labeling system. Nothing more.

Or is there something more?


If you take a minute, you may notice…

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