Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 7

And finally Part 7, the last batch from Harry. It’s a bumper batch too with a few extra 🙂

A big thank you to Harry on behalf of all the folk who have been hitting the like button and sending private messages. For those of us not lucky enough to be there, this is as good as it gets. If anyone here’s about the other winners, let me know and I’ll post the trees here for all to admire.

I and I have also added a link To Jerry’s FlickR Set with quite a few photos from the Trade area for those interested. As others add their photos on the net  I’ll add links here too. Save you all hunting about ❗

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 6

The End is in sight 😀

Don’t forget to ‘like’ your favourite trees while viewing on the gallery. Nice for everyone to see what others think are the standout exhibits.

And congratulations to Mark and Ritta who have just posted on Facebook to say they have won the Shohin Award. Not surprised at all.


Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 5

You guessed it… Part 5

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 4

Harry’s just told me that’s he’s halfway through the photos! I almost feel that I was there, well, not really:!:

It’s great that Harry has taken shots of the cards as well to allow us all to see the exhibitors names and give credit were it’s due.

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 3

A big thank you to Harry who is slaving away getting these compressed etc for posting. Looking forward to seeing who the winners are tomorrow.

I see Mark and Ritta’s Shohin display in this one. Having seen it in the flesh last year, I know just how impressive the standard is.

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 2

Here’s the next lot, what a show! Plenty of Shohin in this lot. Harry’s as good as his word 🙂

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Photos Part 1

As per last year, even though I didn’t make it to the Trophy, it’s great to have friends 🙂

Harry Van Herck  has helped me out once again. Here are the first of  his photos from this Years Noelanders Trophy. There’s that many I’ll post them in batches as I get them. I know there’s more than me out there waiting for a good look at how this year’s show has gone. I especially asked Harry to get the shohin as well, and he came through for me 🙂



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