Great interview with Owen Reich over on Bonsai Prelude. Check it out.

Bonsai Prelude

Two interviews in (almost) 1 week! Well I can’t promise to keep up this pace, but I’ve had unusual luck with two great bonsai artists taking a few moments to answer a few questions about all that they do. I’ve mentioned Owen on more than a few occasions, but for those of you that aren’t already familiar I’ll list a short bio below.

“The past 12 years of my life have revolved around the culture of plants.

My degree in Horticulture at UGA,  5 years of wholesale nursery management, and two years of formal study in Japan at Kouka-en under Keiichi Fujikawa, has culminated in the founding of Bonsai Unearthed in Nashville, TN.

My teaching style is laid back and practical. There are many “gray” areas in the world of  bonsai, but navigating the murky waters is possible. While choosing a proper Kowatari period shirogochi pot for an ancient momiji…

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