Merry Christmas Belfast…. NOT

A few weeks ago I was walking around the fantastic Christmas Market in the grounds of Belfast City Hall soaking up the festive spirit and stuffing my face with all sorts of good food. I took this photo of the sign that captured the moment.

Sadly this has come to a end. How this country can self destruct so quickly is beyond me. I hate politics, racism, sectarianism.

What am I talking about? This sign pictured above overlooked a riot at the weekend. The market was closed after being wrecked. This Fact File from the BBC will fill you in. 

I grew up on one side of the religious divide in Northern Ireland and my best friend as a child was from the other side. I know who I am, I don’t need help with my identity, I never  really understood the need for this tribalism. Some people need to step back and think about what really matters in life. This photo says it all, the two opposing flags side by side in Afghanistan were soldiers from both sides in Northern Ireland fight together. It’s who got your back that matters, not what flag they fly.


6 comments on “Merry Christmas Belfast…. NOT

  1. Ian
    I grew up watching ‘The Troubles’ on the news. At the time I could never fully understanding what all the drum-banging, whistle-blowing xenophobic hatred was all about.

    Now that I understand, I understand even less. I hope that peace will prevail in that beautiful country of yours.

    Best Regards



  2. Ian,

    I was fortunate to be able to attend a similar market there a few years ago. It was during May if I remember and it was a great time and memory from my trip to Ireland. Ireland is a wonderful place to visit, and I’m sure to live as well. As you say, it is very sad that at times in your home town, as well as in others all over the world, the ignorant actions of a few can ruin the enjoyment of all. It’s really unfortunate, and I feel like a lot of times people are just bored with their lives and the only way to feel like they have a purpose is to find an adversary. Stay safe! Maybe one day people will be more concerned with enjoying their lives.




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