Great article by Owen via Tony.

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

I have been sent this article to publish from my friend Owen Reich who is studying at Kouka-en in Osaka, Japan. It’s an in depth study of Mizu Goke and the benefits to bonsai.

Upon my arrival to study in Japan, one of the first things I noticed about the bonsai here was that the surface of many of the trees were covered with chopped sphagnum moss. My broken Japanese questions were answered with a smile, as mizu goke is an integral part of bonsai care here at Kouka-en and other nurseries in Japan. Proper watering is the most important cultural practice for bonsai and any edge you can get should be considered for use.

DSC_0306Mizu goke means water moss, referring to the environment sphagnum moss naturally grows in. To avoid confusion, mizu goke will be referred to as “moss” and green, living moss as “live moss”. You should never…

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Tiny Snails!!

A few of you who have been following my tree exploits for a while will know I had issues with pest attack on some of my maples last year over the Winter months. A strange time for this to happen. I was surprised as I always spray before I tuck trees away for the Winter.

While inspecting my maples this year at this stage I found that many of them have a little cone shaped Snail tucked away under loose bark or in tight spots on the trunk.

Is this the culprit?

I will spray but will this be effective when they are in shell and tucked away?

Will systemic insecticide work better?

Will this even work now during the dormant season?

Anybody else have these?

Are they even the culprit?

Who won the 1986 Sheepdog trials?

So many questions!!! 🙂