Tall Larch Restyling

I eventually got around to wiring up this larch yesterday. This is it before work.

This tree has fantastic old bark, as good as I’ve seen on a larch. It originated in Scotland and I’ve had it in my collection for many years. It’s not a WOW! tree by any means but I do like the formal image that can be produced from it. It got a year of little or no pruning to allow me to have some extra length to the branches that I could play with to increase the amount of different levels I could create.

In the 18 years that I’ve been playing with bonsai I have been using aluminium wire. This year I’ve gathered up enough copper to give it a go on my conifers. Yesterdays wiring saw me using only copper wire.

The final image saw me adjust the front slightly to the right.

For scale, I added myself to the image.

Side by side

Back in 2002

The bark


Spring 2012

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