Larch Group For Sale

I brought this Group of 3 larch in for a trim back yesterday. I had planned to split the group perhaps create a bigger scene, but trying to source extra trees with the same quality of bark and ramification has proved a chore. I have therefore decided to sell the group over the next few months. I have had my fun with it but want to give my time to other trees and projects. The 3 larch all came from the wild in Scotland and have great quality bark. The rock element in this landscape was collected from Lough Corrib and has great character. The pot is Walsall Ceramics.

Before trim

This was it with Autumn colour last Autumn.

Last Winter


Back in 1997 when I first put it together.

larch group 1997

Back in 2000 when I tried it on slate for a while.

Larch group 2000

Close up of the Corrib Rock element.

close up3

If anyone is interested in buying this, just drop me an email