Club Tree Critique Night

I’ve been wading through video taken during Peter Warren’s recent visit here trying to put some useful and interesting stuff up on Youtube for all to view.

The problem as usual is how to edit this together into small chunks that are watchable. I have had to make some clips longer than I wanted but most will be around the 20 -30 minutes mark. I would have preferred 10 minutes but I just couldn’t leave out bits without making it disjointed.

My biggest problem was the guy behind the camera! Phil did a lot of zooming in on nasal hair, ear lopes etc. And people call me an eejit!! 🙂

Here are the first 2 Parts of the 4 I’ve made from the Friday nights meeting. As I publish them on YouTube and the Club Site, I’ll add them here as well. I have more following that taken during the two days of workshops.

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