Sneak Pot Preview

On Tuesday I visited Susan, a local Ceramic Artist, who had visited our club show back in June. She showed an interest in both the accent pots and bonsai pots in the display. Not wanting to miss an opportunity we both got talking and Tuesday saw me visiting her studio to collect a batch of accent pots.

We don’t have a single pot maker in Northern Ireland since Jackson Conn stopped making his excellent pots. Now Susan has appeared on the scene, I hope to make this one stick 🙂 As Susan doesn’t have a bonsai background, I was excited to see just what she would come up with after very little direction from me. I was delighted with the results and hopefully the club members will be too when I take her first batch to the meeting this Friday.

Here are two that I’m holding onto to whet your appetite. Watch this space, I will be adding a page of her pots here on the blog for anyone interested  and will be giving you more information about Susan.

This was my favourite one. I love the glaze and design with the tilt to one side. I can just picture this with a fern or hosta.

This is the most unusual one of the batch! I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste but I just love it. Haven’t a clue as yet to what will go into it. I love the plaited clay design and the variation in colour on the pot.

2 comments on “Sneak Pot Preview

  1. Interesting! I just finished reading Peter Tea’s latest post, about some elegant-looking 8-sided antique pots (8-sided but not octagonal.) You and he are both confirmed ceramo-philes!

    Always good to encourage local people who know what they’re doing. BTW, are there any good pot-makers in the Republic?


    • I do find myself getting more engrossed in the pot aspect of our hobby these days 🙂

      I don’t know of any ceramic potters in the Republic who actually make bonsai pots. I may be wrong. Perhaps some of the Irish reader know better.


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