Hardening Off

I decided yesterday to do a little shuffling of trees that had been collected in the Spring. Well, when I say me, I mean my two sons working under my direction.

Most where still in poly tunnels and I wanted to get them out to harden off a bit. The foliage as you can see here shows that most have responded well after collecting. There was a mixture of Scots Pine, Spruce and Larch.

I’m running rather low on space!! Had to add a few temporary benches to facilitate them.

All squeezed in! With trees visiting on holiday care it’s a tight fit!

4 comments on “Hardening Off

    • Thanks, It’s a Trident that I’m allowing extra growth this year to increase the foliage mass. I usually defoliate it every year but am trying a different method this year. What you see is new tips as opposed to Autumn colour. It can produce 3 inch tip growth in a week.


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