Escallonia – Grows like a weed!

Back at the beginning of March I chopped back these two Escallonia in the ground. They are growing in my Dad’s garden and he’s happy for me to steal them. They are long term projects and will eventually require a lot of carving to create an image.

I was totally amazed at there response to being chopped back. The plan was to cut back this year and collect next Spring. The new growth already established on all chopped trunks would hopefully make for better survival odds. Some previous heavy Escallonia’s when cut back hard, have struggled when lifted. This is a bit of an experiment to compare collecting techniques.

Here’s the first one in March before it was chopped.

and after chopping.

A month later in April.

and last week.

This is the second one before the chop.

and after. Not a great shape but you often find hidden wonders under the surface with these.

about a month later.

and this was it last week!!

Hard to believe that I had even cut it back! My Dad even had to trim it again to keep it off the driveway!

Here’s links to the original posts if you are wanting to catch up.

Cut Backs

Cut Backs Update

They both appear to be the same variety as my other one below.

I have my eyes on another one of a different variety. More on that in another post.

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