Accent Man Cometh

I had a visit from Robert Porch, aka the Accent man a few days ago. Sadly I missed him at the house, but he did leave this crate of goodies.


This is the contents, only 3 of the 30 are named, so this is a bit of a quiz, if you recognises any of the varieties please let me know. There are a few Alliums, Saxafrage, hosta, rose etc in there.


7 comments on “Accent Man Cometh

  1. You’ve got to love the accent man!
    .. Your hosta may be; Paradise Puppet and/or Kikutii var Yakusimensis (I know he grows these)
    Apart from the (probably Yellow) Sisyrinchium, Saxifrage and dwarf Astilby, I’d guess maybe the lily pad looking leaf plant may be a Soldanella? (Leaf looks a little large perhaps?)
    Other than that not a clue! Will be fun working out what they are as they flower next year though!

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