Shohin Maple


More Layers

I did this layer back in April and removed it a few weeks back. All looks good and I look forward to developing this little one next year.




And this little trident was successful at the second attempt.




And both potted up with a little moss top dressing to ensure surface roots remain moist.

DSC_0279And a word to the wise, when you saw through the trunk, ensure your other hand is well clear!! This is how I ended up. Flap of skin hanging off and exposing the knuckle bone 😦 10 days later and it got infected and I ended up at Minor Injuries Unit for treatment. Will I ever learn?


Japanese Maple Airlayer…

… at the second attempt! I tried a layer on this tree in 2013 but it bridged the gap. I reopened it and made a bigger  indent, and also changed away from moss to an akadama mix. This time we have success, but I’ll be leaving the separation until the Spring.




Welcome Home Old Pal

Peter Snart kindly delivered my Root Over Rock Trident Maple back to me a few weeks back. It had been over at Willowbog Bonsai for the BSA Exhibition. This is it as I got it back. A little over grown but in fine health as you’d expect 😉

I had to address the overgrown shoots that had now overly thickened some of the outer canopy. The only way I could do this was by defoliation and then thinning out of the fat areas. This was it after defoliation.

and again after thinning out, you can see I’ve also removed the moss, I want to be able to keep an eye on the watering better and the moss was obscuring my view of this and also taking some of the water for itself.

In hindsight I have missed an opportunity 😦 I should have left the bottom few branches untouched to allow them to fatten further to get a better balance in the tree. Ah well…


Trident Partial Defoliation

This Trident is quick to get out of shape and dense with leaves putting inner branches at risk due to lack of light. I have removed the extension growth and the leaves from the outer canopy. If you look at the after photo you can now see blue backdrop through the tree. Light can now penetrate.

Chuhin Maple Work

This Maple has been on a bit of a journey with me. I exhibited it in the BSA Show back in 2012 but soon after it was the victim of an insect attack and I lost about 6 branches including the full apex. Check out the links for the story.

Two years later and things are progressing nicely. This year saw extremely vigorous growth yet again, indeed, I needed to defoliate and remove all those branches that had gotten away on me. It’s a bit of a balancing act trying to keep the finer ramification on some branches while developing a new apex and healing over major wounds.

This is the maple before the work. I have already removed extension growth over a month ago and removed half of the otter leaves but as you can see, it’s still dense.



This two wounds at the back of the tree. One had been filled with cement many years ago, probably in Japan, the other has gotten progressively worse and is now in need of work before the whole centre of the tree rots. I opened up the edges of both wounds to help promote new callusing and try and get the wounds to heal over totally over the next few years. The new hole will be filled in and then sealed.


Other wounds from the removal of dead branches also received a little work to promote healing.





The wound filled and sealed with cut paste.


The top wound resealed. The straight apex shown below will be removed and regrown. At the moment it is helping heal over the larger wound at the top by drawing sap to that area.


A way to go yet but slowly we are getting back to where it should be.



Four Seasons Root Over Rock Trident 2013







Stratford Trident Autumn Colour

Just past it’s best.

(Stratford is my name for it, not a variety 🙂 That’s where I bought it in 1999 )

Chuhin Maple Autumn Colour


Root Over Rock Trident Autumn Colour