Burning Bush revisit –

Michael Hagedorn

Several have asked to see a photo recap of this chunky Burning Bush, Euonymus alatus. We (my students and I) started the process of turning this vigorous stump of a shrub into a bonsai in 2012.

The fella who collected this Burning Bush said that it was growing by the side of a pond where nutria (a large rodent that eats euonymous) would graze on them. This one still has the shari from those gnawing nutria.

Although this tree is still many years away from ‘show shape’, maybe 10 years, here’s its 3rd-year progress report…

(And while I have your attention…submissions to the Artisans Cup will begin April 1. Also that day, incidentally, is the final day (extended deadline) for the National Pot Competition, so you potters out there have another few hours to get your best efforts together. Good luck everyone! It’s an exciting year in bonsai.)


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A Tale of Two Accents

First one is my Mukdenia Rossii just starting to flower now and starting to mature nicely as an accent plant.


And a little viola put together by young Jamie at the workshop on Saturday, looking good in it’s Magic Ceramics pot.DSC_0207


Bang Goes the Neighbourhood!!

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