Scots Pine Prep

This is one of the pines collected from a bog two years ago. It has recovered well but now’s the time to remove a few branches that won’t be needed in any final design. I also needed to chase back the foliage so that the tree back buds into more suitable areas over the next few years. Once I have this I can then start to think about styling the tree.

This was the tree being collected

and now before cut back.

DSC_0666 (2)



A straight bit here needs to be removed.

DSC_0669 (2)

And after cutting back

DSC_0670 (2)


DSC_0672 (2)

DSC_0673 (2)

8 comments on “Scots Pine Prep

    • A bit strange Bry, we collected off that bog two years in a row. First year the pines in the bog looked healthy and we had about an 80% survival rate. Second year the pines looked like they had been suffering and the survival rate dropped a lot. What’s left in the bog are not as good so we won’t be back.


  1. Hi mate you know the training pot you made from wood if it’s treated wood
    Would it be harmful for the tree.i mean when the wood is treated ?


  2. Definitely looking forward to watching this tree’s progress! It’s a good one. 🙂

    (Shah, I’ve heard of rare cases of chemicals leaching from treated wood and injuring trees, but only when the box was soaked for several hours in standing water.)


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