Video Update

I have updated the video of the big Scots Pine that Phil did the bending on with Ryan Neil back in January. After 6 months the wire had to be removed as it was starting to cut in. However Phil left the guy lines in place  to maintain the trunk position. There has been strong growth and there are many signs of back budding. The video is below, if you have already watched the workshop portion and want to skip to the update go to 37.30. I have also included the outtake video of Phil attempting to turn the tree for video. It wasn’t meant to be an out take but Phil in his usual style has managed to make it one. See what we have to put up with !! 🙂

I’m now sitting down to sort through the footage recorded at the Peter Warren weekend. I hope to have these up this week.

Weekend Rewind For Mario

I said back in part one that I would give Mario an update on his trees from the weekend, so here goes.

The main tree discussed and worked on was his Juniper. A big issue was the amount of juvenile foliage but I’m assured that’s not my fault. You’ll just have to wait for the video covering this from the Saturday workshop 🙂


This is his Shohin Japanese White Pine before the workshop

Not a lot of major work needed but Peter did some removal of branches here and there and worked though the bud selection for next year.

This might be a slightly better front.

Gives you an idea of what was coming off.

Just for reference this was it back in July 2011.

The satsuki also got a tidy up with a slight trim. Not much required after the major pruning back in June. Before and after below.

Also had a look at the black pine but I have no photos.