Cedar Session

Last night I was working on a cedar with a friend in a one 2 one session. This tree was originally a garden centre tree chopped down to create the basic structure required to make a bonsai. It was sold by the original owner to Willowbog Bonsai and in turn sold to my friend. It has been worked on at a few workshops here over the last 2 years, getting deadwood created etc, but now was the time to get it wired and into shape.

October 2012 at Peter Warren Workshop

June 2013 at Willowbog Workshop

Shari added

Cut back after shari added

and now before work starts

And this is it now after last nights work. Not fine wired but starting to come together nicely. Shots from each side, a few close ups and a beer can for scale, also drunk on the night 🙂

And all together for comparison


Sandev Case Study Videos 5&6

I love the Ivy/Hedra in the first one and listening to Walter take on the candelabra Style Spruce was also thought provoking.

The intro music on the second one is also a step up 🙂