Weekend Rewind Part 4

We had a few other trees knocking about at the workshop on Sunday, there for various reasons. It’s always good to take advantage of Peter’s eye for design and talk through a few options on a few trees. This large San Jose Juniper was there to be studied with a view to grafting Itoagawa foliage onto it in the future. An interesting discussion about the various options and technique involved.

Phil also brought along his Pine from the January Ryan Neil workshop for a few photos to show progression. Wire had to come off after only six months as it was biting in alot! Not bad for a tree that was sawed halfway through in two places. See here for the video.

A few more of Phil’s trees there for advice and work.

A change of front for Sharon’s Deshojo Maple.

A small alternation on Sharon’s Korean Hornbeam.

Lastly I put the Peter to work on one of the most important tasks of the day. 🙂

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