Weekend Rewind Part 1

Now that I have a few hours I am sitting down to sort out my posts for the next few days and will be going back over all my photos from the weekend to share here.

After picking Peter up from the George Best Airport, [yes, that’s what it’s called. The pilots are extremely talented but can sometimes be drunk 😛 ] we popped into Stephen’s house for a coffee and a quick look around.

I would have taken a photo of Peter looking at trees but Rufus was far more interesting. Please note the similar colour tones between Rufus and his owner.

Stephen did however have a yew that was covered in berries, not a common occurrence but they have got to be one of the nicest looking berries around, just don’t eat them!

We then moved on to Phil’s house where his back garden is in a state of major change as he sorts out his bonsai display area.

Not much to see here in the way of trees so we popped up to his storage area 🙂

Inspecting the big pine Phil bent at the Ryan Neil workshop back in January. Growing strongly and even had to be de-wired in July 6 months after wiring. The guy lines have stayed on and their is signs of backbudding.

Great Autumn colour on this Hawthorn too.

Peter then got to witness the worst piossible way to display bonsai at a local Flower show in Belfast. Our club traditionally displays here in the competition classes. It’s usually the following week but they moved it forward resulting in a clash with out weekend of workshops. We still managed to display a few trees for the public consumption.

Peter and Phil disagree which tree came first or second.

As the excitement was too much for Peter I had to take him home and feed him before we went to the club night. No point sharing those photos here as they are already on the club site here.

7 comments on “Weekend Rewind Part 1

  1. I’m only just starting with bonsai trees after promising myself for years that I would one day. I love what you are doing at home and the blog is great. I’ll enjoy following your progress and take on-board any advice that comes along.


    • I wish u all the best with ur first meeting mate. Sadly work keeps me here this weekend. Im sure it will be a great night. Put bonsai people in a room together for a few hours and you won’t be stuck for chat 😉


  2. Interesting to see Phil’s bent pine from that Ryan Neil workshop. If our Bonsai club in Cork goes well maybe we’ll entice some of the top pros over in the future….


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