The road To Willowbog…

Ok, ready to start adding my photos from the weekend.  Spent a good bit of time today recovering, but also thinking about what I saw and heard this past weekend. I have been sorting out my photos and trying to decide the best way to add them here. I have opted for a chronological order but with one or two aspects left out, but to be mentioned later. It’ll take a few days to get them all together so keep stopping by for a look. It will be photo heavy as usual. With bonsai, photos always say more.

First up is the road trip. Phil Ben and I set out early on Friday morning for what proved to  be a challenge in getting to Willowbog Bonsai. The ferry crossing was straightforward but as we approached  our destination the snowy conditions steadily got worse. Along the road I managed to snap a few photos of interesting landscape features and trees. here is a gallery showing a step by step of the journey.

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